Who We Are

African Winds International Development Foundation is a non-governmental organization(NGO)

We are dedicated to promoting social development in various sectors including formal and informal education and also focuses on women and youth empowerment, promoting social engagement, skill acquisition, entrepreneurship, community development and other development-oriented activities in Nigeria and various parts of Africa.

A major focus area for AWI Development Foundation is education for development especially with regards to access and quality. The foundation also actively engages in projects that are geared towards promoting gender equality, balance in social institutions and society in general especially in the areas of education, and political participation and engagement.



African Winds International Development Foundation is committed to grassroots empowerment for socio-economic development and progress, peace and security and transformative change through its various development-related projects.

Our mission is to empower certain groups in society who, for various reasons (including extreme poverty), have been marginalized and prevented from contributing their fullest potential to the development of their communities. The foundation aims to achieve this goal through initiatives and projects that lead to growth and sustainable development.

Follow us on the journey of transforming and impacting lives